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Power Quality and Load Analysis

Power Quality has emerged over the past ten years as an increasingly important element of electrical system integrity. The proliferation of IT equipment in commercial properties, along with an increasing reliance on IT for industrial application, requires far more stable electrical systems than in past years.

Maintaining voltage levels, reducing brown-outs, minimizing flicker are now fundamental to good electrical design. Modern systems are particularly vulnerable to harmonic disturbance and its affects.

eti engineering provides a comprehensive Power Quality Analysis service;

  • System monitoring
  • Data review
  • Harmonic Analysis   
  • Design power quality solutions

Load Analysis – Whether you require to add load to an existing distribution system, reconfigure a distribution system or review the load pattern for energy conservation needs eti engineering can help. Our engineers will provide reports containing the load pattern of specific distribution points on your systems detailing;

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • KVA
  • KW
  • KVAR
  • PF  

The recorded data can be set against a timeframe of 15 sec to 4 hours. The results will provide a comprehensive understanding of the load pattern. Used along with System Drawings and Records this service is particularly useful for designers. 

Load Modelling - a model of the load of each individual element of a facility can be built through detailed load surveys then applied to the total electricity consumption in order to allocate costs across the facility. The estimated cost of each element can then be determined every month, quarter or year by applying the model to the total cost for that period.

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