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PIR - Sample Project 1
Type of Property  Paper Production Plant – Production area, boiler room, offices, catering, plant rooms, workshop, warehousing and IT servers.
Floor Area Approx 45,000 Sq M

The project comprised the following elements;

Develop records and drawings for the distribution system
Develop records and drawings for the sub-distribution circuits
Labelling of main distribution plant

Test and inspection of the distribution system
Test and inspection of the sub-distribution circuits
Fit updated circuit charts to distribution boards  


Working Times - The constraint that had the greatest impact on the project was the requirement to complete the work without affecting production. This required careful coordination of the test programme with the client’s production team in order to capitalize on production down-time.

IT – The production facility is driven by a complex IT job control system. As such each and every element if the electrical system is matched by a corresponding IT network. In order to test the electrical systems the IT network needed backed up then taken down for the period of the test. This required careful coordination with the sites IT department. In addition, the It servers had back up power from interlinked battery based UPS’s and one main rotary UPS. A permit to work system was established in order to protect operators and the integrity of the IT system.

Working at Height - A substantial part of the main distribution system is based on overhead busbars, As such, much of the test and inspection of the system was conducted at height, using ladders or a powered platform.

Deliverables Drawings – Electrical Schematic (Digital format, AutoCAD)
Certificate – BS7671, Digital Format and hard paper copy.
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